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10 Inspirational Influencers You Should Be Following

There are tons of influencers across the world. Whether they’re business entrepreneurs, doctors, nutritionists, or motivational speakers, the purpose of an influencer is to encourage others to capture their dreams. With that in mind, here are 10 of the most inspirational influencers you should be following on social media.

10 top influencers 2020, affectmag
Dr. Cat Begovic

Joel Contartese

One inspirational individual that many followers look up to is Joel Contartese. This influencer views himself as a solution finder and connector, with his expertise falling under the umbrella of partnerships, digital advertising and how to monetize social media.

Andy Frisella

Known as the CEO of numerous companies like 1st Phorm International, Andy Frisella is also an author and entrepreneur. This inspiring influencer posts motivational quotations on social media platforms such as Instagram. There are also videos that you should check out of his motivational talks to crowds about how to get your life in order.

Uldouz Wallace

Uldouz Wallace is most famous for being a stand-up comedian, actress and a business entrepreneur. The star is fluent in four different languages (English, Persian, Swedish, and French) and has starred in numerous TV shows and movies, including Case 39 and Good Luck Chuck.

Lewis Howes

An influencer who never envisaged that he would be as successful as he is today is Lewis Howes. This inspiring individual knows the importance of working hard. Beginning his career by learning about business, product design, marketing and human behavior, Howes has gone on to be one of the most successful New York Times’ bestselling authors.

Dr. Cat Begovic

Dr. Cat Begovic is one of the best inspirational influencers to follow on social media. Not only is she a wife and mom, Begovic is a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon. This influencer posts encouraging and inspiring messages to her followers on Instagram, helping others to feel more confident in themselves.

Brian D. Evans

As the front man behind BDE Ventures and Influenceive, Brian D. Evans is also a writer, Inc. 500 entrepreneur and the 7th marketing influencer on Forbes. Evans is very passionate about the startup companies that he has advised in his businesses. If you are interested in launching your own startup, Brian’s Instagram is filled with inspirational quotes and how to succeed in the business world.

Tim Karsliyev

Tim Karsliyev is a businessman and entrepreneur who has amassed a loyal following of 1.7 million for his business Instagram account ‘Daily Dose’. Karsliyev is constantly sharing impactful and meaningful quotes with his followers, giving users a great source of encouragement.

Arvin Lai

Another encouraging influencer to learn from is Arvin Lai. As the man behind Shredz (a supplement company), Lai gained most of his fame and attention exclusively through social media platforms. If you need a motivation boost and want to achieve your dreams, Arvin Lai is the influencer for you.

Elena Shamis

As a lifestyle and travel photographer, Elena Shamis has spent close to 10 years working in various marketing roles for corporations like Nike and P&G. If you enjoy photography and want to check out gorgeous images mixed with motivational messages, be sure to follow her account on Instagram.

Nikki Giavasis

Nikki Giavasis has gained a large following on social media thanks to her contributions to the inspirational book Real Talk. Giavasis has also made appearances in films such as Don’t Mess with the Zohan.

If you are a social media fanatic and want to follow people who are inspiring and motivating, all the influencers listed above can change your mindset for the better.


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