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3 Must-Haves Every Woman Should Wear at Her Wedding

In the new millennium, it doesn't matter whether or not you wear white to your wedding, or whether you follow any traditions or not. However, there are still quite a few standards or unsaid 'rules' that most women choose to follow in modern times. The majority of weddings still feature brides carrying a bouquet of flowers. There are still receptions, and wedding parties, and even best men and maids of honor. What women choose to wear to their weddings is another story.

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At, you can find all kinds of fashion tips for making your wedding one-of-a-kind, but here are the top three must-haves that every woman should consider wearing, whether it will be a traditional ceremony or not.

1. A Smartwatch or Vitals Tracker

At your wedding, you will want nothing more than to cherish the memory. That's why so many brides and grooms hire professional photographers and videographers to capture those very special moments. Engaged couples are also known to hire wedding planners so that everything is decorated and arranged in perfect harmony, making the moments that they snapshot truly magnificent.

Wearing a smartwatch or vital statistic tracker at your wedding will allow you to create a record of exactly how you felt while you were saying your nuptials. Every heartbeat and pitter-patter will be recorded for all of eternity.

2. Comfortable Shoe Inserts

From the moment you get dressed until the second you get into the vehicle post-wedding, you will be standing, moving, dancing on your feet. After hours of action, even the most comfortable of heels can start to wear away at more than just your soles. For years, brides have complained of aching feet, sore backs, and just plain being uncomfortable due to footwear constraints during their weddings. There has been a lot of improvement in the function of shoe inserts, including those that are custom designed for your foot and designated activity.

Slip in a set of shoe inserts into your wedding shoes and you won't have half as many complaints. And if you decide to go against tradition as this bride did, then it doesn't even matter what kind of footwear you choose. Attend your modern wedding feeling you can dance all night long by having the gumption to put on whatever feels best.

3. A Lace front Wig

Wedding hair is still a big deal to women everywhere. You might choose to put it up in a bun and wear a veil, or you could be planning to come to your wedding dressed in full hijab, showing your hair only when you will be in the company of other women. While how you wear your hair is your choice, note that millions of women in the modern world are sporting lacefront wigs to their weddings. These full-coverage wigs allow you to wear hair of another color, length, or texture, all while keeping your natural hair free of harsh and potentially damaging styling treatments. Not only are lace front wigs almost totally undetectable, but they allow for swift costume changes between wedding nuptials and wild reception parties.

You can now have a wedding that takes place virtually, with your bridal party streaming the ceremony from their homes while you say your vows over your computer screens. Women are having their pets serve as their maids and grooms of honor, while instead of having dancing with their fathers they are dancing with their dedicated mothers and guardians.

You can wear what you like to your wedding, but these three must-haves just can't be forgotten about.

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Wedding dress ideas, weddings, traditional weddings

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