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4 Party Planning Tips That Will Save Your Life

Did you know that the 5th most stressful job in the world is event coordinating? While you might not be a professional, it's almost certain that you feel the anxiety piling on whenever you have to plan a party.

Are you having a birthday party or a formal event soon? Then don't panic. Here are 4 party planning tips that you need in your life!

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1. Plan Ahead

It sounds painfully obvious, but one of the best event planning tips is to plan ahead!

As soon as you know an event's coming up, hit the ground running. Even if the big day isn't for months, it surely wouldn't hurt to get started ASAP.

When you start early, you'll have a better chance of booking venues, services, and entertainers who are at the top of your list. Not only that, but you'll also have more time to remember anything you might've forgotten.

2. Keep the Guest List as Small as Possible

The bigger your party, the more you'll have to worry about. Not only do you have to get more food and drinks, but you'll also have to book a bigger venue. And if you're doing some extra things (like handing out favors), you'll have to increase the numbers there too.

So opt for a more intimate event to lower your stress. An added benefit is you'll have more time to spend with each attendee!

3. Keep the Food as Simple as Possible

You might want to go all out and serve some fancy food, but that might not always be practical, especially if there are lots of people attending your party. So in that case, you'll want to keep the food as simple as possible.

Go for foods that are easy for guests to nibble on. Ones that don't need to be reheated are a bonus too! That way, these foods can sit out for the duration of the party without you worrying about them going cold and inedible.

4. Employ the Services of a Party Planner

Some people might think they have to plan everything on their own, but there's no shame in getting some help. If you're way too busy and just want someone to take care of almost everything for you, then consider hiring a party planner.

You'll have a pay a little more than you would handling everything yourself. But for many, it's worth it to shell out some extra money for some peace of mind. This also ensures that your party doesn't have an amateur feeling and instead, is classy and professional.

Don't Worry About Party Planning

Party planning might've been something you dread before, but not anymore now. With our fantastic tips, event planning will be a cinch.

So the next time you're in charge of a party, just think back to this article. By using the advice found here, you'll have everyone thinking you're a party planning expert!

Did you enjoy these party planning hacks? Then find more tips by browsing the rest of our blog!

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