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Apartment Gardening - Stunning Ideas to Make Your Home an Oasis

An apartment can be a plant paradise, especially in a city with little to no outdoor gardening space for your home. As long as your apartment has a small space that provides adequate sunlight, you can turn it into the perfect green space. If you have a patio, this is an ideal spot to create your garden. However, there are many creative ways to bring your garden inside. Very few are fortunate enough to have a large amount of spare time to create a stunning garden, so if this is the case for you, follow our simple steps and ideas to make your home a gorgeous and calming oasis.

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Start Simple

Start somewhere simple with your garden so you can build it up gradually and ensure it is going in the right direction for the way you want it to look once it is completed. Depending on how much space you have in your apartment, something small and simple like a few vegetable plant pots to grow your own food is a great place to start, as it is both convenient and pretty to look at.

Choose Your Favorite Plants

Determine which plants you like the most to plan a theme for your garden. Whether you want to focus on growing your own food like tomatoes and herbs or want to decorate your space with multiple different bold colors, making a list of the plants you would like to grow will help to develop a plan.

Research and Study

If you are not quite an expert in flowers and plants, research the plants you want to have in your home so you can care for them to a high standard. This will really help in the long run of keeping on top of your apartment garden.

Plant Pot Arrangement

Containers and pots will create a beautifully structured garden by layering them and grouping them together. Artfully grouping numerous pots together will give a full and completed appearance to your plants. Layer them with the largest at the back and the smaller pots at the front to create a structured and professional look.

Mix and Match

As your garden gets bigger and you are maximizing the number of plants you have, mix and match your favorite garden plants. Neutral colored containers will tie all the plants and flowers together with a natural, earthy look.

Make Use of the Space

Check around your apartment for any spaces you can fill with greenery, such as shelves or somewhere that flowers could be featured by hanging on the wall.

Give the Plants Sunlight

When you are arranging your plants, display them somewhere that lets in some sunlight as this is helpful to keep your plants healthy and beautiful for as long as possible. Consider how the temperature changes throughout the year in the particular spot that you choose, so your plants can be located in the best place for them.

However you want to arrange your garden, be it bold or a calming, pastel-colored paradise, creating a relaxing green environment in your apartment is easily done with these simple steps and ideas.


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