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Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Chanel!

10 of the Most Famous Shoe Designers in the World

There are many designer names that everybody notices, from Coco Chanel to Jimmy Choo. Some are more famous than others, extremely well known for their beautifully crafted shoes, and dedicated to providing gorgeous footwear for everybody. Celebrities and influencers worldwide often display designer shoes at huge events and on their social media, making some designer names more and more well-known every day. We have pinpointed the most famous shoe designers in the world who have collections that are definitely worth shopping for.

Christian Louboutin, Louis Vuitton, Chanel! 10 of the Most Famous Shoe Designers in the World

Christian Louboutin

Well-known for their signature red sole, Christian Louboutin shoes won’t go unmissed. Worn by many celebrities, his shoes are for those who dress to impress and follow trendy styles, and cost up to $4,000. Louboutin is massively popular worldwide for his luxury shoes, making him the most famous shoe designer in the world.

Jimmy Choo

A name that many people will recognize, Jimmy Choo’s brand was even a favorite of the British royal, Princess Diana. Unique designs and stylish finishes make Choo’s footwear a go-to choice for any fashionable occasion.

Gianvito Rossi

Elegant, classy, and durable, Gianvito Rossi designs classic shoes that range from $300 and are timeless. His shoes are known to be the most comfortable stilettos that work with all trends effortlessly.


A French designer and businesswoman, Coco Chanel is a timeless designer who has been admired for many years since the post-World War era. Creating shoes that are feminine and chic, Chanel styles are famous for pure sophistication.

Maria Bianchi

The traditional and minimal styles of Prada shoes come from head designer, Maria, designing footwear for both men and women that are ideal for all types of occasions.

Manolo Blahnik

Crystal embellishments are a classic signature detail on Blahnik’s designs and are extremely popular with bloggers and influencers.

Stuart Weitzman

Famous for his barely-there sandals and pull-on ankle boots, Weitzman’s designs are luxurious yet affordable.

Christian Dior

Whether it is a pair of eye-catching stilettos or a pair of comfortable sneakers, this legendary designer has a wide variety of footwear that is adored worldwide. Dior brings out new trends each season, continuing his legacy through much-loved high fashion.

Rupert Sanderson

Many women across the globe have invested in Sanderson’s gorgeous pumps, often seen in news articles worn by celebrities, including Kate Middleton.

Sophia Webster

Famous for adding sass and style to footwear, Webster’s whimsical designs wow many fans with their pom pom or butterfly details that make a great statement piece. These stunning, elegant designs can cost up to $800. However, Sophia Webster has a large collection of shoes that are also affordable.

Tommy Hilfiger

Preppy, casual, or chic, Tommy Hilfiger creates shoes that are famously luxurious yet affordable, with footwear ranging from $60. Mostly well-known for his comfortable statement sneakers, Hilfiger designs are a wide variety of shoes, including heeled ankle boots and stilettos.

Shoe designers are dedicated and passionate about their creations, and this shows in their work. Designers are ever-changing and becoming more popular as styles and trends change with each year.


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