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Fancy Something New to Watch in the New Year? Here's the Latest Releases

Stuck at home, and you need something new to watch for the new year?

We can all agree that 2020 is one of the worst years in history. However, many new great shows and movies make up for it.

2020 delayed many upcoming movies and TV series due to the pandemic. However, filming studios are now back in business, and plenty of new TV-series and movies are coming up. Here are some of the latest releases that you need to watch for the new year.

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom

One of the best latest releases is "Ma Rainey's Black Bottom," based on the book written by August Wilson. George Wolfe directed this great film with Ruben Santiago-Hudson as the writer. It's a movie with a thundering blues performance with a gut-punching ending.

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom is a celebration of three black artists and their legends. This movie sets in 1927, where Ma Rainey, played by Viola Davis, gets into a contract with a white producer. Chadwick Boseman, who plays Levee Green, is a trumpet player who tries to steal her spotlight.

Ma Rainey's Black Bottom became one of the biggest movies of 2020. This movie is the last performance of the biggest actors who played many award-winning films. Many considered this movie as one of Chadwick Boseman's best and final performances.


Another great movie is "Time," directed by Garrett Bradley. Phrases like "time heal all wounds" and "time flies" get turned inside out in this documentary. This movie concentrates on a woman named Fox Rich.

She fights for the release of her husband, Robert Rich, who has to serve 60 years in prison. The sentence was due to a robbery they both planned and committed in a moment of desperation. It's a movie that can summon complex ideas with a moving story.


Beastars is an excellent animation directed by Shinichi Matsumi. This anime series sets in a world where beasts coexist with humans. It's a story that concentrates on a young wolf or lupine named Legoshi.

He meets Haru, who is a promiscuous and emotionally aloof dwarf rabbit. Legoshi develops feelings for her, but he questions if it's merely his instinctual urge to hunt and kill. Beastars is a great depiction of society with competing classes of carnivores and herbivores.

Queen's Gambit

Queen's Gambit one of the best TV series found on Netflix. It's a miniseries based on the 1983 novel of Walter Tevis. This show is a Netflix original directed by Scott Frank as well as created along with Allan Scott.

Queen's Gambit follows an orphan prodigy named Beth Harmon, played by Anya Taylor-Joy. It shows her quest to become the world's best chess player while fighting her problems. She fights with her drug and alcohol addiction as well as emotional struggles.


Nomadland is a drama film directed, written, produced, and edited by Chloé Zhao. This film first premiered on September 11 at the Venice Film Festival, where the film won the Golden Lion. The movie concentrates on Fern, played by Frances McDormand.

It shows her journey throughout the American West after she loses everything in the recession. The movie shows the economic collapse of a town in rural Nevada. Fern then packs her bags and explores life outside conventional society as a nomad.

Attack on Titans

Attack on Titans is a top-rated anime series directed by Jun Shishido and Yūichirō Hayashi. The series started in 2013, but Attack on Titans final season gets released this year.

The show sets in a world humans reside in a city surrounded by walls of epic proportions. The walls should protect them from Titans, giants whose aim is only to consume them. When titans break the wall, the story follows Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and Armin Arlert.

The latest releases of the show now concentrate on something new by revealing the Titans' true identity. The fifth season switches to the perspectives of the Marley military. Everyone takes one last campaign to get Paradis island and the power of the Founding Titan.


Fierce is a comedy film directed by Anna Wieczur-Bluszsz. The story revolves around Marta Ostrowicz, played by Katarzyna Sawczuk. Marta is a talented singer who became a huge sensation when she shows on a popular talent show.

Marta's true objective is to earn the affection of her father, a member of the judges or jury. Although she has the talent, can she beat her way through the showbiz traps? You can watch the full show on Netflix as long as you have a subscription.

Alice in Borderland

Alice in Borderland is another popular series on Netflix. It is a suspense-thriller drama Japanese show based on the manga by Haro Aso. The series follows Arisu, played by Kento Yamazaki, who is a jobless and game-obsessed man.

He finds himself in an emptied and strange version of Tokyo. Arisu meets a young woman named Unagi, who is navigating in the games alone. Together, they have to participate in dangerous games to live and get out of the paralleled Tokyo.

She Dies Tomorrow

She Dies Tomorrow is a psychological thriller produced, written, and directed by Amy Seimetz. After a woman named Amy wakes up, she's convinced that she will die tomorrow. The movie revolves around Amy, played by Kate Lyn Sheil, and how her conviction can spread.

Her belief that she will die spreads like a contagion through the town. Every one then believes that an unavoidable death is approaching. They can't put a name on it, neither can they make others empathize with their anxiety until it spreads.

Fancy Something New to Watch in the New Year?

Grab your popcorn and watch something new for 2021. Shows from Ma Rainey Black Bottom to She Dies Tomorrow are worth your time. The different shows will pump your blood, make you cry, and give you new ideas.

Take your time to enjoy these shows for 2021! There are more than these on our list of new shows and movies. Check out our other posts to get more lists of something new.

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