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Weddings: 10 Ideas How to Exit Your Wedding with a Bang

For that final WOW!

A grand exit that is memorable and fascinating for the happy couple and all the guests is the perfect way to end your wedding. Whether it is after the nighttime party or directly after the wedding service, there are numerous ways to end your wedding in a way that will blow everybody away. If you are looking for a wonderful way to complete your wedding, keep reading below to discover our top ideas.

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Ditch the confetti for some magical bubbles, this is super fun and will also make your wedding pictures look quirky and exciting. If you have lots of guests attending with children, this is even better!


Perfect for a nighttime ending, sparklers will create amazing pictures that you will treasure forever, and will set a fantastic party atmosphere. There are multiple different ways you can use sparklers at your wedding; you can be as creative as you like.


Why not literally end the after party with a bang! Check everything is okay with your venue and arrange for a few fireworks to be displayed to end the celebrations.

Lavender Confetti

A unique way to switch things up, have your guests toss lavender as you walk down the aisle. Lavender can also be used on the dining tables, in the bride’s bouquet, and as thank you gifts for your guests, so this is something that can be made into a whole theme too.


Have your guests ring adorable tinkling bells instead of tossing confetti as you exit the service. This is a great feature for wedding videos!


Finish off your party or walk down the aisle to the highlight of colorful and cheerful glow sticks that will wow all of your guests. A really fun way to brighten everything up, glow sticks will look bold and bright in all your wedding photographs.

Pom Poms

Cute and fluffy, pom poms can be full of color and follow your chosen color scheme. Whether it is at the end of the afterparty or when you walk down the aisle, pom poms are a fun addition when it comes to finishing things off in a unique and crafty way.

Ribbon Wands

A great way to celebrate your walk down the aisle, guests waving beautiful ribbons in the air will create a great atmosphere and look stunning in your pictures. You could even attach bells to make a super creative and fun existing accessory.


A tasty way to make your guests giggle and a favorite with children, have your guests toss colorful ice cream sprinkles to create a bright display. Provide enough so that there are some sweet treats leftover by using personalized bags for each guest.


A fun way to get a party started if you are walking down the aisle or a popular way to end the night at the afterparty, streamers are a great statement piece for celebrations. Stick to your color scheme to make the pictures look professionally put together and unique.

These fun ideas will definitely be a noticeable addition to your wedding. Remember, however you end your special day, as long as you love the idea, it is the perfect ending.


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