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Kim Kardashian's Sweet 16

To some this could be classed as old news as it did go viral back in 2016 (twenty years after Kim Kardashian's 16th birthday)

However, for those who missed it, lets have a look back at some amazing photos of Kim looking almost unrecognizable!

The famous reality TV star looked absolutely great as a teen, but as we said, very different from how she looks now. Grinning away, here she is as her father surprises her with her first car, a white BMW.

Kim Kardashian sweet 16 birthday

Looking absolutely thrilled sitting behind the wheel.

Kim Kardashian birthday party

We just love this pic!

The life of Kim Kardashian

The whole family together - SWEET!

Celebrity news, Kim Kardashian

So there you have it. A little step back in history and a glimpse into the life of Kim Kardashian when she was just 16.

We love her!

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