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Lady Gaga Gave Her Dad a Box of Oreos for Father’s Day

Lady Gaga and father, Fathers Day, Oreos

Money isn't everything plus it's the thought that counts, so they say!

Multimillionaire Lady Gaga sent her father a box of Oreo's for Father's Day, restaurateur, Joe Germanotta reveled on Monday.

Joe Germanotta was appearing on “Mornings with Maria” to talk about how the restaurant had been affected by the COVID lockdown.

He told FOX Business's Dagen McDowell "My daughter Stefani, you know, aka Lady Gaga, she sent me a box of Oreos. It was a great day.”

His second daughter, fashion designer, Natali Germanotta, planned to take him on a "long bike ride" to celebrate the holiday.

Germanotta’s gift comes as snack-food giant Mondelez — makers of Oreos, Ritz and Chips Ahoy cookies — last week reported an almost 30 percent increase in cracker and cookie sales over the past few months amid the coronavirus lockdown.

During a call with Wall Street analysts, Dirk Van de Put, the chief executive of Mondelez, pointed out that customers didn’t just hoard the biscuits — but munched on them and kept coming back for more as lockdown stretched on and on.

At “home, there is more grazing, more continuous eating and snacking takes up a much bigger role,” Van de Put said, adding: “Sharing a snack with your kids as everybody is sort of cooped up in the house brings back a feeling of normalcy, of togetherness, calming everybody down.”

So, although Lady Gaga is worth $275 million, as we said, money is certainly not everything!


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