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Luxury Brands We Would All Love to Get Our Hands On

There are more than just a few luxury brands out there today, as a lot of new designers have entered the field fairly recently. Now, just because a new brand has decided to charge the same as Gucci, doesn’t necessarily mean that it deserves the price tag. However, there are time tested, prestigious luxury designer brands out there that are worthy of demanding the high price they charge, and these are the luxury brands we would all love to get our hands on. Stay with us as we count down those most profound and prestigious names in the luxury clothing and accessories business.

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Gucci: Most Popular Items are Ace Rangers, the Broadway Clutches and Sunglasses

Established in 1921, this Italian fashion design house is one of the oldest, most respected and valued in this industry today. Through multiple surveys conducted on online shoppers, it was found that limited edition Gucci products are products that target customers would pay almost anything to get their hands on. Gucci has stayed on top of the list for a while now, and 2020 has done nothing to change that. However, it should be noted that the others on this list are slowly beginning to catch up to Gucci in terms of popularity and market share, except in the luxury sneakers market, where Gucci still has a huge lead.

Louis Vuitton: Currently Trending Products are Bags, Wallets, and Belts

If you thought Gucci, with its nearly a century of history, has ancient roots, then consider the fact that the French luxury designer house Louis Vuitton was established back in 1854! The experience, name, fame, history, and respect which Louis Vuitton has managed to earn in the following 166 years is just astounding. The French luxury brand is also the world’s richest designer brand in 2020 by a country mile.

In fact, LV is the closest competitor that Gucci has in terms of popularity as well, and Louis Vuitton’s recent surge in adoration has to be credited to Virgil Abloh. Apparently, LV began to see a sudden surge in demand, online discussions, and sales, right after Virgil took over their menswear department.

Chanel: Currently Trending Products are Bags, Watches, and Perfumes

Founded by the stunning Coco Chanel in 1910, and now owned by Gerard and Alain Wertheimer, Chanel is a brand with more than 110 years of important and rich history of fashion behind it. Chanel managed to gain a billion US dollars in terms of their total market value in 2020 ($9 billion roughly). This is in spite of staying limited mostly to their offline retail strategy, powered by innovative online marketing strategies. If Chanel adopts the online platform more readily for retail as well in 2020, the haute-couture house might just see themselves sore to the number one spot by the end of 2021.

If your favorite luxury brand did not make it onto the list, that’s only because there isn’t enough space here to name everyone. Besides, as per popularity, these three are statistically on the top of the charts in 2020, and chances are no one would mind receiving a gift bag full of items from the brands mentioned on this list right here!


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