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Planning Your Wedding for 2021? Read Our Step by Step Guide

Planning a wedding is no simple feat. It takes months, if not a year or more, in order to pull together that perfect and romantic wedding that reflects your couple style. It is a day the two of you will remember forever, so it’s only natural that you want everything to go smoothly and be what you had envisioned.

Wedding table settings, planning your wedding

Of course, getting through the planning stages can be incredibly stressful for the couple, which is why we’ve gone ahead and put together a basic step by step guide to planning a wedding. You can use these steps as your blueprint throughout the process.

Start with a Budget

In terms of where to start, you will want to begin with a budget. This budget is what will dictate everything else in the process, so it's important you have one created. You may also want to use a budget tracking tool or app to ensure that you stay on track throughout the entire process.

Start to Brainstorm on the Look and Feel of Your Wedding

Now it's time to come up with your wedding concept, look, and decor. Each couple is unique and will have their own style, so now is the time to tap into that uniqueness. There is no reason why you have to stick to the mold and follow the typical traditions. The more unique the wedding is, the more intimate and memorable it will end up being.

Start Checking Out Venues

Now that you have a wedding concept in mind, it's time to research venues that will make this concept possible. It’s a good idea to also have a rough idea in mind of how many guests you plan to invite as this will determine if the venue can accommodate your needs or not.

In terms of the venue, some of the things you’ll want to factor in may include the following:

· Does it have catering on-site?

· Is there a fully-serviced bar?

· How will it look in photographs?

· Is any of the décor included?

· What is the location like? (Consider proximity to guests)

· Is there an outdoor area?

· Is there is a ceremony space (if applicable)?

· What is the price like?

Choose Your Wedding Party

Now that you've got a date and a location, it's time to pick your wedding party. This could be easy or hard, depending on how much thought you've given it and how many friends/family members you have.

Start Shopping for Outfits

Next, it’s time to start shopping for wedding attire for the bride, groom, and wedding party.

Book Your Vendors

Depending on the location, you may also need to book a number of outside vendors, including a caterer, cake baker, photographer, DJ or band, florist, décor specialist, officiant, and more.

Send Out the Invites

In general, you want to send out the invitations six to eight weeks in advance. You can even send out a “save the date” card months before the big date so people can at least pencil the date into their calendar.

As your guests start to confirm their attendance, you can then put together your seating chart.

Final Details

Now it's time for the final details, i.e., making sure the wedding bands are sized, getting your marriage license, confirming everything with the vendors, final outfit fittings, and any other last-minute details.

Following this guide will ensure you have the perfect stress-free wedding.


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