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Popeyes, One of the Best Fast Food Restaurants in the U.S

popeyes chicken special

Popeyes, One of the Best Fast Food Restaurants in the U.S

Founded in 1972, Popeyes has more than 40 years history. Al Copelan was the entrepreneur behind this great and famous brand. Starting with one small restaurant, originally called 'Chicken on the Run' Al Copelan introduced the New Orleans - style fried chicken.

Popeyes have over 2,700 chicken quick service restaurants in the U.S and around the world, and they are now one of the most famous brands in this profession.

Dishes Popeyes Introduced over the Years

Buttermilk Biscuits (1983)

Craw-fish (1989)

Butterfly Shrimp Tackle Box (2009)

Wicked Chicken and Cane Sweet Iced Tea™ (2010)

Non-breaded chicken tenders called Louisiana Leaux™ (2011)

Rip’n Chick’n (2011)

Dip’n Chick’n (2011)

Cajun Surf & Turf (A twist on the traditional Surf and Turf) Popeye's style! (2013)

$5 BONAFIDE® Big Box (2014)

Chicken Waffle Tenders (2014)

Red Stick Chicken (2015)

The Popeyes Fried Chicken Sandwich became the fast food Phenomenon of 2019. It came back with a bang, and even if you had not heard of them before 2019, you did then! The Takeout called it “The biggest food news story of 2019 and maybe our lifetime.”

Traffic spiked at the Popeyes restaurants and this was certainly down to the fried chicken sandwich.

Now back to the present time!

Today, Popeyes head of culinary innovation is Chef Amy Alarcon, who ensures that every single Popeyes dish and flavor is inspired by Popeyes Louisiana heritage.

In an interview with Forbes, Alarcon revealed, “One of the hallmarks of Popeyes chicken is the amount of flavor we get from marination, whether it’s a sandwich fillet, a piece of fried chicken, or a tender,” she confesses. “It’s all been seasoned and allowed to sit for at least 12 hours to add maximum flavor. I find myself doing this at home all the time too and chicken is the perfect canvas.”

Alarcon's number one most important ingredient is buttermilk, along with an array of hot sauces and whatever she has in her spice cabinet.

"While it may seem like using hot sauce would make this particular dish spicy, I use Crystal hot sauce because it’s on the lower end of the spectrum in heat but high in flavor and acidity," she says. "The end result is a juicy interior and a well-seasoned, crispy exterior. Definitely not a tongue scorcher, just full of flavor through and through!”

Popeyes Deals

Look!! Popeyes are now promoting $5 off a family meal through the Popeyes app. Check out their video on Instagram.

Autocorrect to Popeyes nights

Too many #pizza nights? Autocorrect them to Popeyes nights. Watch the video to learn how, and get $5 off a Family Meal through the Popeyes app when you post your screenshot with #LoveThatAutocorrect

More Popeyes Deals/Free Popeyes

  • Free Delivery - all orders over $15

  • Free Signature Chicken - 2PCS (First order only) Min $10 spend

  • Popeyes Delivery Special 2 Can Dine $12.00

  • Popeyes 3 Tenders Combo $6.00

  • Popeyes Chicken Dinner - 2PCS $4.99

  • Popeyes Family Meal - 4PCS $24.99

For delivery why not try Doordash

All we have to say at Affect Magazine is....Go Go Go, Delicious!

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