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The Uncomplicated Guide to Wedding Band Styles

When you're searching for the perfect wedding band, you don't want to settle for just anything. After all, the ring symbolizes your eternal love for your partner! But at the same time, the process of finding a ring can be overwhelming when you start to see just how many wedding band styles there are.

So how should you get started? Check out this uncomplicated guide to wedding band styles so you can make the right choice!

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Consider the Finish of the Wedding Band

Do you tend to choose jewelry with a glossy sheen? Or do you prefer a more understated look to the bling on your fingers? In the early stages of shopping, determine what your preferences are when it comes to the finish of your wedding band.

The good news is that the options are plentiful. You can choose a hammered metal look for a little texture, a satin finish for added richness, or a look that is soft and brushed. You might even want to choose an engraved style to show off an intricate design — though be prepared to do a little cleaning since you'll have incised surfaces.

You want to have a range of styles to consider when you're investigating wedding band styles. Since you're making a lifelong commitment, you want to get it right. Visit for a comprehensive selection of wedding bands in a variety of styles and finishes.

Settings Say a Lot

The setting is another point of consideration when you're on the hunt for different wedding band styles. You can choose between simplicity and complexity in a wedding band. And you can either stick with one stone or go with several.

A wedding band with a channel setting features a row of smaller diamonds flanked by the metal of the band. It's a clean and organized look that shows off the diamonds. And it exudes strength since the smaller stones are contained within the channel.

As another option, the pavé setting makes it look like your entire band is encrusted with diamonds. It creates an elegant and delicate style. Paired with a delicate engagement ring, it will look refined.

Or you can avoid adding any diamonds to your wedding band. Sometimes a cleaner look is the better match for your wedding ring. And for the man's wedding band, a cleaner style tends to be the look of choice.

Wedding Band Styles Can Be Mixed

Is your engagement ring in white gold? While you might think you need to stick with white gold for the wedding ring, you don't! The rulebook is wide open if you're tempted to mix and match your wedding ring colors, styles, and finishes.

If your engagement ring is in rose gold, feel free to mix it with white gold. Even the band itself can feature a blend of white and yellow gold. Don't be afraid to let your personal preferences take the lead — even if they're not the norm.

And you can move beyond the standard ring shape, too. Choosing a heart-shaped ring is a touching way to show a clear symbol of your love, for instance. As another option, a twisted ring shape will add visual movement sure to attract the attention of anyone who sees you wearing it.

Antique Style Wedding Bands Add Vintage Charm

Not every ring has to be brand new to be gorgeous. You can reach back in time for an older ring or one inspired by an older style to make the ultimate statement. And you could be a good match for vintage style wedding bands if you wear a lot of vintage clothing.

Reach back to the early-20th century for a wedding band featuring the Art Nouveau style. With this style, you'll get a ring with swirling lines, bold designs, and a strong look that will stand the test of time. Art Nouveau represents one of the most unique wedding band styles.

Or go with an intricate and colorful choice with a Victorian ring if gemstones are your thing. Victorian designs stray from the norm and often feature a colorful assortment of gemstones. While wedding band styles come and go, you can be assured that antique style wedding bands always will look good.

It's Okay to Stick with Tradition

If you're a traditionalist in other parts of your life, it's perfectly okay to be one with wedding band styles. There's a reason that classic styles remain classic. And you can't go wrong choosing a traditional look.

You can match the metals between your engagement and wedding bands for a cohesive pairing. And the band can be simple since its job is to complement the slightly glitzier engagement ring. A clean and unadorned band will look stunning next to a solitaire-mount engagement ring.

Why Stop at Two Rings?

Traditionally, you add one wedding ring to pair with the engagement ring. But not everyone is sticking with tradition these days. Many couples are interested in bundling multiple rings together.

If you have the means, you can do this right away. But another more cost-effective route is to save the stacking for special occasions. When you welcome your first child or celebrate an anniversary, add another ring to the collection!

Find the Right Wedding Band

Make sure you take the time to exhaust your options when you're investigating wedding band styles. You want to find bands that you and your partner will love forever. And you want to find bands with a sense of style that reflects who you are as a couple.

To find more tips on fashion and design, check back for fresh and informative articles!

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