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Top 10 Bag Trends for 2020

Are you looking to be ultra-fashionable in 2020 and your focus is on accessories? For women, one of the hottest accessories season after season, year after year are bags and purses. They are a necessity everywhere you go, so it’s only natural that they become a fashion statement all of their own. It’s the perfect area to update in terms of your own fashion and style, investing in a few new bags each season or year.

Top 10 bag trends for 2020

So, what’s hot and trending for 2020 in terms of bags? Here’s a look at the top 10 you’ll want to get your hands on.

Denim Bags

Denim is one of those things that always seem to show up on runways either in small amounts or as the focal point. Right now, denim is having another moment, and you can jump on the trend with your bag. It doesn’t matter what wash the denim bag is, you just want to be sure it has as much of the fabric incorporated in it as possible.

The Croissant Shaped Bag

Yes, you read that name correctly - the croissant shaped bag. Picture the crescent shape of a croissant, and now build that into a bag. It's ideal for throwing over your shoulder or just carrying it by the strap. This understated look is not only trendy, but the style holds a whole lot of items, so it's perfect for those who need a larger bag.

Basic White Bags

In terms of colors, there is always that "trending" color of the season, but this year, it seems to be a rather basic color - white. Anything that is crisp and clean looking will fit the trend, and you can always add personality with the hardware.

The Basic Black Bag

Black bags are also big again this year and for a good reason. A black bag is the most universally easy to style bags available. It will literally work with every season, and every outfit you own, making it versatile and a must-have.

Chunky Metal Hardware

Chunky metal hardware continues to show up on this year’s hottest bags. It can add elegance, sophistication, or edge, depending on how it’s done.

It's All About the Chains

Whether the chain is on the strap of the bag, the zipper, or just an added detail, this is a perfect way to add an edge to the bag.

The Bucket Bag

While not a new style, there is a new take on the bucket bag. Think bigger and less structured; it is almost like a balloon. Again, this one is great for those who need to carry a lot of items.

Straw Bags

This particular trend is more so meant for spring and summer, as there is nothing that screams gorgeous sunny days quite like a straw bag.

Leather is Still Big

And then we have leather bags, which are still trending in 2020. Choose any type of leather, style of bag, and color of the leather and you'll be good.

The Ultra Micro Purse

Finally, we've got the trend that is really about how it looks rather than functionality. Showing up on the runways are ultra-small, almost micro-sized purses worn around the neck, the waist, or across the shoulders.

Any of these bags will have you looking and feeling ultra-stylish.


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