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What Will be in Vogue - Weddings 2021

From traditional to full-on Hollywood glamor, wedding trends will be more extravagant than ever in 2021. If you are planning your wedding, you are probably all sorted with a venue, dress, and even a color scheme. Or, maybe you are at a total loss and have no idea where to begin. Planning a wedding is an extremely stressful time at any time of the year, and choosing the trends that suit your style and your significant other’s style can be a big decision. To put all your options together in one list, we have composed the top trends for weddings in 2021.

What will be in Vogue, weddings 2021

Pastel Shades

Choosing a color scheme should be extremely simple in 2021, with romantic pastel shades such as dusty rose shades and light greens ready to be seen in popular magazines.

Statement Pieces

Amaze your guests with oversized decor and big statement pieces. Centerpieces that create gorgeous focal points above the dining tables or large balloons surrounding the dancing area will be seen in trends for weddings next year.

Bridal Wear

The dress is an extremely important part of the wedding. Materials like vintage lace and vintage styles with long sleeves are making a definite comeback, meaning elegant, minimalist dresses will be trending in 2021. Wedding dresses that have pockets will be highly sought after according to Vogue, making 2021 all about practicality and style. Fashion icons like Meghan Markle have started a huge trend with simple yet elegant gowns and veils longer than ever before.


People are following the eco-friendly trend in everyday life, at work, and at home. Cutting back on waste that is unnecessary and using recycled materials wherever possible, couples are becoming more and more creative with ways to make their wedding friendly towards the environment. Zero waste weddings are common and can be done simply by doing things like not using plastic at the venue. Many venues get on board with eco-friendly ideas, or even offer packages that contribute to keeping the environment safe.

Eye-catching Lighting

Lights won’t go unmissed in wedding trends for 2021, with venues being entirely lit up and glistening by beautiful lighting that stands out. There are numerous ways to create unique lighting in your venue, from huge backdrops of fairy lights to vintage chandeliers hanging from the ceiling to large candle pieces used to decorate the dining tables.

Food and Beverages

Personalized, custom-made goodies are going to be super popular at weddings. Caterers are offering personalized options where the couple can create their own drinks or desserts more than ever before, and brides and grooms are loving it. Supporting local produce will be common in 2021, with venues sourcing food and drink from the local area.


A really big hit in 2021, weddings will be more personalized. From personalized notes to small gifts for each guest, displaying a huge amount of character can be expected.

No matter what is trending, the most important thing to consider when planning your wedding is that all the choices you make suit your personal style, reflect your character, and are what you think would make your special day perfect.

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